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Online Training! Happiness Coaching Module 1 with Rajesh Singh


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  • illuminations- Abu Dhabi
  • March 18, 2024
  • Monday, 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM

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    Online Training! Happiness Coaching Module 1 with Rajesh Singh

    illuminations- Abu Dhabi

    Monday, 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM
    March 18, 2024


    Rajesh Singh

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    Online Training! Happiness Coaching Module 1 with Rajesh Singh

    illuminations- Abu Dhabi

    Monday, 8.00 PM to 10.00 PM
    March 18, 2024


    Training Schedule:


    Dates & Timings: March 18th-22nd / 25th-29th / April 1st-5th @ 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm (GST)

                                        April 8th-12th / 15th-19th @ 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm (GST)

    Investment: AED 2555/- (+5% VAT)

    Early Bird Off: AED 2222/- (+5% VAT) (Limited to 4 seats only)

    Venue: Online


    For more information please email us at OR call (02) 667 2916 OR WhatsApp on +971 52 496 6387.


    Looking forward to seeing you all!!

    About The Training:

    Illuminations Wellbeing Centre and Happiness Solutions is announcing a venture “Project Happiness” dedicated to train and empower upcoming Therapists, Healers, Psychologists and Medical and Health Professionals (who have completed at least Level 4 and enrolled for Level 5 of EKAA Foundation) to build skills and competencies to boost their future work and practice as a behavioral expert and an Established Therapist and get listed with our App as a Certified Happiness Coach. Also, while you are learning, heal and know more about life and happy living and Happiness Giving.

    The international affiliations you get certified by when you complete our three modules are International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT, USA) and Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT, UK). Along with a Certificate as a Happiness Coach and Sub-cognitive Counseling Expert by Happiness Solutions.

    Basic Intermittent and Advance Happiness Coaching over a period of 1 year this certification is at par with any international behavioral diploma with 350 hours of competency building and learning Behavioral and Psychosomatic and Clinical Health Resolutions.

    Learn the cognitive and sub cognitive counseling in a month with our first Module.

    Therapeutic Modalities

    Clinical Hypnotherapy (Specialization)
    Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP and Timeline Therapy)
    Transactional Analysis
    Grapho-Diagnostics – Behavioral Analysis through Handwriting and Signature Analysis
    CBT Basics and Positive Psychology
    The professional training Certificate course in Happiness Coaching (CCHC) has 4 themes during the month. Here is the little elaborate version of the program.

    Theme of Week 1: Psychotherapeutic Basics

    Includes topics like:

    Coaching & counseling skills
    Difference between counseling and coaching
    Importance of defining therapy object
    Core issue assessment
    Beliefs and Parataxic distortions
    Defense Mechanism
    Freud’s Model of Mind
    CBT (basic principle) by an expert from the field
    CBT application for self-help
    Cognitive Distortions

    Theme of Week 2: Therapeutic Neuro Linguistics Programming

    Includes topics like:

    Role of Language in Counseling
    Ericksonian Hypnosis
    Influencing Skills. Why Influence.? The Art of Influencing
    Meta Model and Probing Techniques
    Eye Cues and Calibration in Counseling
    Rapport building through non-verbal communication

    Theme of Week 3: Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Includes topics like:

    Theory of Mind (Customization for Different Client Types)
    Behavioral Diagnostic tools (For Core Issue Assessments along with other International Scales)
    Theory of Suggestibility Understanding how we receive and interpret information (Therapeutic Tips)
    Theory of Sexuality, Relationship and basics of Relationship Counseling & Compatibility Assessments
    Relationship Coaching through Suggestibility and Sexuality
    Handwriting Analysis for Personality and Behavioral Traits Indicative Assessments

    Theme of Week 4: Amalgamation of all the above for ReParent Therapy as well as Self-heal/Inner Work

    Includes topics like:

    Depression and Stage of Loss
    Stages of development
    Reparenting therapy
    Emotions and Emotional Freedom Technique
    Transactional Analysis and PAB (Self Sabotage Breakthrough)
    Time management through Eisenhower Matrix

    Theme of Week 5

    Action plan for 6 months
    Giving a concrete goal accomplishment plan

    Self-discovery and devising your own formula of happiness
    Growing your inner emotional security and building your own self-worth and confidence
    Become a coach or mentor
    Learn the basics of behavior and health resolutions
    Learning tools to conduct counseling sessions
    How to make sure the relapse does not happen
    Effective Core issue assessment skills
    Managing emotional and physical breakdown within minutes for anyone and yourself
    Learning Assessment tool and how to use them
    Your first step towards healing (yourself and others) and how to coach anyone who is going through emotional, physical and personal problems
    You will get a complete support from us till you are fully confident with your practice
    A cutting edge over other mental health professionals

    Facilitated By:


    Rajesh Singh

    Guest/ International Senior Facilitator

    EKAA Senior Faculty for L1 to L4, Motivational Speaker, Mind over Matter Expert, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Happiness Coach, Affiliate of International Association of Counselors and Therapists, USA and Federation of Holistic Therapists, UK, Holistic Stress Management expert, Certified Graphology and Signature Analysis Expert.

    For those who are keen on setting up their own professional practice or individual self-healing a few answers from the EXPERT Mr. Rajesh Singh from EKAA with over 16 years experience in the field with over 4000 sessions and 1000+ clients to his credits.