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Certificate Courses in Happiness Coaching and Sub-Cognitive Counseling Modalities

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    About The Happiness Coaching (3 Modules)

    The flagship certificate course of Happiness SOULutions, is about going into a much deeper understanding of the development of the human mind while also giving you a guided career path to create a stable future for yourself.

    It is a venture “Project Happiness” dedicated to training and empowering upcoming Therapists, Healers, Psychologists and Medical and Health Professionals, Psychology graduates and Post Graduate students who aspire to become Skilled therapists and coaches to build competencies to boost their future work and practice as an Established Therapist and get listed with our App as a Certified Happiness Coach. Also, while you are learning, heal and know more about life ,and happy living and Happiness Giving.


    Module 1 - Certificate Courses in Happiness Coaching and Sub-Cognitive Counseling Modalities

    The international affiliations you get certified by when you complete our three modules are the International Association of Counsellors and Therapists (IACT, USA) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT, UK). Along with a Certificate as a Happiness Coach and Sub-cognitive Counselling Expert by Happiness SOULutions.

    Basic, Intermittent, and Advance Happiness Coaching over a period of 1 year this certification is at par with any international behavioral diploma with 350 hours of competency building and learning Behavioural and Psychosomatic and Clinical Health Resolutions.

    Learn the cognitive and sub-cognitive counselling in a month with our first Module announced in the month of February 2021. 6 Days a week part-time

    (timings will vary from time to time and batch to batch keeping the majority of participants convenience in mind as this is a long-term commitment) and during the course, each week has a different theme.

    Therapeutic Modalities

    CBT Basics and Positive Psychology

    Hypnotherapy Basic and Advance Understanding to Program the Subconscious Mind

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP and Timeline Therapy)

    Transactional Analysis

    Grapho-Diagnostics – Behavioural Analysis through Handwriting and Signature Analysis

    The professional training Certificate course in Happiness Coaching (CCHC) has 4 themes during the month. Here is the little elaborate version of the program.

    Module 2 - Certificate Courses in Happiness Coaching and Sub-cognitive Behavioral Modalities

    Theme of Week 1:

    Includes topics like:

    Reconnecting and Realigning the Next Level Therapies of Behavioral Mastery

    Biology of Psychology and Psychology Perspectives for Behavioral Resolutions

    Role of Assessments and Clinical Applications and Shortcomings

    EFT Unpeeling the Layers for Emotional Mastery and Inner Child Work (Demo and Practice)

    EFT for Family Therapy (Adults of Dysfunctional Families) and Surrogate Emotional Pain Relief

    Mastering Dream Interpretation, Dream Regression and Dream Venting Re-Pragramming (Demo and Practice)

    MIND | Depth and 2 Inductions

    Theme of Week 2:

    Includes topics like:

    Stages of Development Child Hypnosis

    Pain Management and EFT and Psychosomatic Therapy Approach

    Eating Disorders

    Weight Management and Weight with Body – Mind Dynamics

    Applications of Sexuality and Relationship

    Understanding Sexual Dysfunction and Counseling Assessment of Reasons for Anger | Guilt | Helplessness | Fears

    History Taking and Johari window (assessment tool)

    Origin of ANGER – List out Reasons… SHADES of ANGER!

    Role of White Anger… Therapy Approach – (Psycho-Hypno-Drama / V to K re-scripting – Collapsing Anchors)

    Theme of Week 3:

    Includes topics like:

    NLP of Stuck Childhood and Resourceful State Creation with 6 Step Reframing for Creating New STATE

    EGO States Therapy for People, Perceptions and Past Relationships

    Cord Cutting and Moving on from Past Relationships and Break ups

    Diluting or Deleting the Impact of the Unhealed Environment

    Dealing with Fear and Phobia Therapy and Practice

    Handwriting Advance Sample reading and Sample Analysis and Therapy Plan Approach

    Grapho Diagnostics and Understanding People and Behaviors

    Theme of Week 4:

    Includes topics like:


    Mental Ceiling | Mental Blocks

    Fear of Failure and Success

    Planning your Success | Mental banking Theory and Practice

    Victimization and Blame Game and Physical and Sexual Abuse and Rape Victims

    Inner Energies – and Past Trauma Recovery through Inner Child Work

    Event regression / Trauma Recall / Somatic Charge Surging and Venting through healing

    Re-parenting Therapy and rescue through EGO States TALK

    Theory – Demo – Practice

    Transactional Analysis (Understanding and Healing… Parent | CHILD and Adult

    Dealing with PAB and Side Effects and Conflicts with the Environment

    Understanding Void | Origin of Void and VOID Healing Therapy

    Closure and Presentations for Full Day

    Benefits of the Course:

    Module 2 is a deeper layer of work where one can learn to work upon their own issues and also guide others in the journey by refining their skills as a therapist and Happiness Coach. It includes techniques that can help one:

    Resolve the anger issues of their client.

    Deal with their fear of anything and everything.

    Help clients improve their relationship with authorities and others in the environment.

    Help their clients find a sense of completion by healing the voids

    Interpreting the different meanings and signals behind various dreams.

    Resolve the passive-aggressive behavior and nature of clients towards authority or anyone specific in the environment.

    Module 3 - Certificate Courses in Happiness Coaching and Energy Healing and Psychosomatic Resolutions

    Theme of Week 1:

    Includes topics like:

    Why life and the Purpose of Life?

    Body being the Vehicle of your experiences

    Importance of 5 Elements and Aligning with the New Earth

    Understanding the YIN and Yang of the Energy Dynamics of Action and Role of Masculine and Feminine Principles

    Neurology of the Body and Brain (Neuro Psychology of Body Dynamics)

    Clinical Disorders and Clinical Dysfunctions leading to Chemical Imbalanced of the Brain

    Advance Graphology

    Theme of Week 2:

    Includes topics like:

    Quantum Basics – Difference between Physics and Metaphysics…

    Karma Destiny and Freewill

    Activating your Spiritual DNA

    The Subtler Bodies -and Integrated Model with Akashic Records of Life

    Spiritual Laws of Life

    Body Consciousness Science of Psychosomatics

    Theme of Week 3:

    Includes topics like:

    7 Chakras and Energy Dynamics

    Difference betwen Major and Minor Chakras in the Energy Body

    Crystals and Crystal Healing

    Basics of Remote Chakra Diagnosis through Crystal Pendulum Dowsing

    Chakra Ego States Therapy

    Theme of Week 4:

    Includes topics like:

    Advance Grapho-therapy

    Advance Signature Analysis

    Physical and Sexual Abuse

    Reviving Rapet Victims

    Trauma Recovery through “Rescue the Victims” Method

    Parental and Ancestral Healing with Timeline Therapy

    Benefits of the Course:

    Module 3 is an Advanced Level. It is a deep dive into energy dynamics and is all about Metaphysics.
    Some things just can’t be understood by logic & science and thus, this module.

    It is a transforming journey from a therapist to a lightworker.

    Topics and techniques that will help one: –

    Understand energy dynamics.

    Understand chakras on a deeper level.

    Learn spiritual laws of life.

    Learn about crystals and their properties.

    Rescue abuse victims.

    Resolve generational traumas and much more.

    About the Facilitator:


    Jana Reddy

    Sound Healer, Access Bars Facilitator and Hypnotherapist

    Jana is a healer therapist and life coach. He has a rich experience coming from the corporate background and having run his own industries. Mind Sciences always intrigued Jana which started as a self-help tool, later developed into a full-time profession.

    Jana has varied experience in energy healing, mind sciences and life coaching. Jana specializes in sound healing, reiki and quantum healing, regression and inner child integration therapy and family constellation.


    Samiha Abousaeb

    Life Coach and Healer

    Samiha is a Life Coach & Healer at Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to assist her clients to find their passion and strong points, arrange their goals and their important values, take the right decision, explore the important issues in their lives, change the bad habits and start with new goals with clear plans.

    Samiha is also a Certified Access Bars facilitator, she can teach the people the technique of Access Bars to enable them help themselves and others release all the blocks (money, health, relationships, happiness..etc.) And create different reality and to learn the art of questioning, (How does it get better than this, all of life comes to us with ease , joy and glory). Also she can help them to activate the bars to remove all the blocks and judgment from the subconscious mind through the personal sessions for more relaxation and deep sleep.

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