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metaphor therapy

About Training Program: 

Metaphor Therapy & Psychology: Metaphor Therapy is a commonly popular tool used by many psychologists in understanding the client’s subconscious mind beliefs and imagination through the analysis of their drawing and use of colors. This skill is known as the use of Metaphors in Counseling & Healing.

Analysis of metaphor therapy brings greater insight into the presenting issue the client comes in with. This modality is a fantastic additional training towards your holistic practice and is extremely effective when working with children!


This course teaches you to find out and decode the hidden/core meaning behind the presenting issue the client comes with and combines theory and practice where participants are able to work with the following:

Metaphors save time by providing a direction.
Research Findings on Metaphors
The Mind, Metaphor, and Health
Identify a metaphor
Developing Metaphors
Work with the metaphor
Interpretation of Drawings

Important to Note: All courses above AED 800/- Requires pre-payment of 50% of the total investment. For same day payment without any deposit, an additional fee of AED 150/- will be applicable. Online Payment Options are available at your convenience.

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