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Adei Al Amouri

Title: Hypnotherapist & Transpersonal Regression Therapist

Holistic Approaches Include:

  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping)

Services Offered:

    • Private consultations
    • An integrated healing approach that combines:
      • Hypnosis
      • Transpersonal Regression
      • Healing the inner child
      • Emotional Freedom Technique
      • Accident trauma Release
      • Reconnective Healing

Languages Spoken: English, Arabic

Nationality: Jordanian


Certifications & Qualifications:

  • Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy – EKAA Institute India
  • Transpersonal Regression Therapy – TASSO Institute Holland
  • Basic and Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate from the Hypnosis
    Motivational Institute – USA
  • Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner
  • Professional Membership at the American Hypnosis Association – USA
  • Member at the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association – USA

About Adei:

Adei Al Amouri, CHT, is a certified Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression Therapist at Illuminations Well-Being Center. He is also a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), USA and a professional member at the American Hypnosis Association (AHA), USA.

He uses an integrated approach that combines hypnosis, regressions, inner child work, accident trauma release, and emotional freedom technique; to facilitate client empowerment and help them realign and restore balance on a mental, emotional,
energetic and physical level.

From being a civil engineer to a certified therapist, Adei was inspired and motivated to pursue this career after he was able to heal his body by using the modalities that he offers his clients.

His challenging and exciting venture to finding his own path to recovery and wellness started when he woke up one day with a medically unexplained condition, which resulted in a loss of sensation in more than half of his physical body. His condition left
him physically numb and emotionally overwhelmed for almost two years and stopped him from thinking clearly.

After doctors could not find an explanation to diagnose his medical condition, Adei decided to take matters into his own hand and start his journey to self-healing. He studied and applied spiritual healing modalities and sought answers for many aspects of his existence that he was questioning. Today Adei has healed most of his physical symptoms, and he is still on his journey of healing himself and serving others.

Through his self-healing journey, Adei has learned that the uniqueness of every Human Being requires a unique approach that would tap into the power that lies within every one of us, and help activate the innate ability to heal ourselves.

So whether you are aiming to break a habit, change a behavioral pattern, untie emotional entanglement, eliminate limiting beliefs, remove energy blocks, or unleash your body’s natural ability to heal, just give yourself the permission to explore yourself and break free from whatever is holding you back.

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