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Lina Douaidi

Title: Transpersonal Regression Therapist & Reiki Master

Holistic Approaches & Services Include:

– Transpersonal Regression Therapy

– Hypnotherapy

– Reiki Healing

– Integrated Pendulum Therapy (IPT)

– LIGHT therapy

– Bodhypnosis or Body Hypnosis (working through the body to release stagnant emotions and old traumas by using pressure points around the body, tapping and vibrations)

– Chakra balancing

– Tarot Reading

– Meditations

– Access Bars

– Family Constellations


– BodHypnosis (2022)

Jean Labbé Institution – France

– Light Therapy

University of California San Diego (2021)

– Transpersonal Regression Therapy

TASSO School of Holland (2020)

– Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

EKAA , an integrated hypnotherapy foundation in India (2019)

– Integrated Pendulum Therapy

A new approach to therapy developed by myself (Lina Douaidi)

– Reiki Master Teacher

Language Spoken: Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, and French

Nationality: Lebanese


About Lina Douaidi:

Certified professional in Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy by EKAA India and Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO institute of Holland. Traditional Usui Reiki Master & Teacher. Focused on helping others find healing, balance, inner peace, integrating lifelong mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Facilitates Reiki level 1, level 2, and level 3 (Master Level) training course.

Have a strong level of empathy which enabled astonishing shifts and changes in various cases with proven successful results. A preferred transpersonal life coach for adolescents and adults.

Multilingual and sensitive to cultures, capitalizing on previous professional experience and exposure in teaching, training, and communication skills to achieve a professional level of practice.

Transformational healer utilizing psychic readings and intuitive healing by tapping into the client’s energetic field to assists them to heal their emotional and physical concerns, reach inner peace and balance, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and to help facilitate their own spiritual growth, behavioral changes, achieve their personal transformation, their desired goals, and empower them.

Developed an Integrated Pendulum healing modality (IPT- Integrated Pendulum Therapy) to help heal and empower clients by addressing emotional and physical issues as well as relationships issues, inner child work, past lives, ancestral imprints, financial issues, clearing negative believes, attachments and lower vibrations, and chakra balancing.

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    Service is available in English & Arabic.