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Samiha Abousaeb

Title: Life Coach and Healer

Holistic Approaches Include:

      • ICF Life coaching session.
      • Certified Access Bars Facilitator and trainer.
      • Access bars Facilitator session.
      • Pranic healing therapy.
      • Trauma releasing by Reik method session.
      • Energy Imbalance diagnosis & cleansing.

Services Offered:

      • Private consultations.
      • Family Therapy.
      • Certified Training Programs.
      • Empowerment workshops
      • Meditations
      • Hypnotherapy
      • Aura exploration and cleansing
      • Chakra Diagnosis and Cleansing
      • Trauma releasing by Reik method
      • Pranic Healing Arhatic Yoga /PH/
      • Laughter Yoga workshops.

Languages Spoken: English, & Arabic.

Nationality: Syrian


Certifications & Qualifications:

      • Certified Professional ICF Coaching/ACSTH / Smart Ideas, UAE
      • Certified  Group ICF Coaching/CCE
      • Access bars Facilitator /Access Consciousness, USA
      • Access The Foundation /Access Consciousness, USA
      • Pranic Healing, Arhatic Yoga /PH, UAE
      • Professional Certified Trainer/PCT/Oxford Training Centre/CPD/Focus Awards/Saad Allah Management Training & Consultancy UAE.
      • Time Line Therapy(TLT)/HRDA/ Smart Ideas, UAE
      • Certified Hypnosis Practitioner/HRDA/ Smart Ideas, UAE
      • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader/ DR. Kataria School, UAE
      • Reik Method Certificate Practitioner /Reik Institute.
      • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)/ Callahan Techniques, Ltd.

About Samiha:

Samiha is a Life Coach & Healer at Illuminations Well-being Center dedicated to assist her clients to find their passion and strong points, arrange their goals and their important values, take the right decision, explore the important issues in their lives, change the bad habits and start with new goals with clear plans.

Samiha also is a Certified Access Bars facilitator, she can teach the people the technique of Access Bars to enable them help themselves and others release all the blocks (money, health, relationships, happiness..etc.) And create different reality and to learn the art of questioning, ( How does it get better than this, all of life comes to us with ease , joy and glory). Also she can help them to activate the bars to remove all the blocks and judgment from the subconscious mind through the personal sessions for more relaxation and deep sleep.

Samiha also helps individuals and families including children and teenagers to release all kinds of traumas by Riek method,  and she assist to restore the balance between family members.

Samiha is a mother of three children, one of them was born handicapped girl, who was the reason for Samiha to learn and discover the world of self-development and mind sciences. She helps all mothers and families to be happy, accept all life with positive energy & love.

Samiha is working as an Interior Design Engineer for twenty years and she likes all the kinds of art , she has the hobby of painting, reading, and laughing.


You can book private one on sessions or group meditations & ceremonies.


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    Service is available in English & Arabic.