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Online and Onsite Self-Empowerment Workshop: Acknowledge Your Emotions to Let Them Flow FREELY!


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  • illuminations- Abu Dhabi
  • November 25, 2020
  • Wednesday, 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM

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    Online and Onsite Self-Empowerment Workshop: Acknowledge Your Emotions to Let Them Flow FREELY!

    illuminations- Abu Dhabi

    Wednesday, 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM
    November 25, 2020


    Rajesh Singh

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    Online and Onsite Self-Empowerment Workshop: Acknowledge Your Emotions to Let Them Flow FREELY!

    illuminations- Abu Dhabi

    Wednesday, 4.30 PM to 8.30 PM
    November 25, 2020


    Training Schedule



    Date & Timing: November 25th, 2020 | 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM (UAE Timing) 


    Investment: AED 350/- (+5% VAT)


    Venue: Online/ Onsite – (Limited to 7 seats only for Onsite)



    STEP 1: Pay & Book an Online Class via our website:

    STEP 2: 15 Min Before Class you will be sent an email with a registration link (check spam just in case)

    STEP 3: When it’s class time, click the link from your email and join the class virtually!


    For more information please email us at [email protected] OR call (02) 667 2916 OR WhatsApp on +971 52 496 6387.


    Looking forward to seeing you all!!

    About The Workshop:

    A 4hr Workshop on Mastering Emotional Freedom Technique for Self Help! Our thoughts, negative feelings, beliefs and attitudes can negatively affect our body. When we think about a problem or crisis situation, our body responds by getting our body prepared either to run or to fight the situation. The free flow of energy in and around the body gets disrupted.


    How does energy flow in our body?

    E-Motion… Energy in Motion!
    When Energy flows in our body through invisible channels known as Meridians. A meridian is an energy pathway in the human body. There are 72000 meridians that allows the flow of energy to supply vitality and health to each and every single cell in the body! When the energy flows freely in the body, the body remains healthy. When a blockage occurs along the meridians, it could lead to physical issues what we call a “dis-ease” in body as well as emotional space.


    To revive these blocked channels through a well-tested technique called EFT, we tap near certain points of specific energy meridians in our body to release negative energies and bring negative emotions into awareness and with acceptance, the natural flow of energy comes back. EFT Therapy brings fresh and positive energy onto the meridians that helps clear the emotional block and the energy flow is restored to normal.


    Emotions are stored as pain in the body and energy meridians have immense healing power within them to release the blockages and emotional pain stored in body.


    Emotional freedom technique is a self-help technique that involves tapping on the energy meridian points located around the body to reduce tension and promote a deeper mind-body connection that helps in restoring health,
    attaining and sustaining emotional wellbeing and creating new realities in life.


    EFT Therapy is useful for releasing heavy, stuck and stagnant energies in various emotional conditions such as:

    Feeling of sorrow, vulnerable, worry, obsession,  compulsion behavior, low self-esteem guilt, feeling stuck, psychological reversal, obsessing, hopelessness, insecurity, confusion, uncertainty, shame, embarrassment,  powerlessness, helplessness, grief, fear of being ridiculed, anxiety, nervousness, disappointment,  rage, anger, resentment, fear of change, trauma hurt, frustration, impatience, inner critic, lack of focus, weight loss, Over-coming negative thoughts, manifesting  money, success and abundance.


    EFT Therapy is useful in treating various aches and pain in body such as:
    Migraine, back pain, shoulder pain, Neck pain, Knee pain, Stomach ache, and different body aches and pain.


    Benefits: (How will EFT Therapy help you in your daily life)

    ·      Restoring and preserving your daily energy from getting drained
    ·      Returning back to work especially when situation demands even when your body or emotions are not supporting you.
    ·      Learning how to release negative emotions from mind and body and amazing effects of applying EFT in your life.
    ·      You will learn to manifest your dreams quickly as you release negative emotions and energies.


    EFT helps in providing relief in the following common issues:

    ·      Chronic Pain
    ·      Anxiety and depression
    ·      Post traumatic disorders
    ·      Fear of public speaking and other forms of social anxieties / fear
    ·      Short- term or chronic stress
    ·      Muscular tension and joint pain
    ·      Fatigue and boosting energy levels
    ·      Tension headaches
    ·      Constipation
    ·      Food cravings and emotional eating
    ·      Emotional problems tied to low self-esteem
    ·      Difficulties with athletic performance, focus and coordination
    ·      Trouble sleeping


    Who can attend?

    House wives, Teachers, Students, Trainers, Therapists, Individuals facing challenges in Relationship area, people having anxiety or sleep issues, people with weight or unhealthy eating habits…

    Anyone and everyone who is keen to move forward in life for a better life style, better emotional state and mental balance beyond all breakdowns to recover to co-create a life of what you have always dreamt of!


    Additional Benefits:

    Participants will have a Post workshop and WhatsApp support added for 3 months!

    Facilitated By:


    Rajesh Singh

    Guest/ International Senior Facilitator

    EKAA Senior Faculty for L1 to L4, Motivational Speaker, Mind over Matter Expert, NLP Master Practitioner, Master Happiness Coach, Affiliate of International Association of Counselors and Therapists, USA and Federation of Holistic Therapists, UK, Holistic Stress Management expert, Certified Graphology and Signature Analysis Expert.

    For those who are keen on setting up their own professional practice or individual self-healing a few answers from the EXPERT Mr. Rajesh Singh from EKAA with over 16 years experience in the field with over 4000 sessions and 1000+ clients to his credits.